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Main Options Window(MOW)

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The Main Options Window (MOW) is where changes are made to various program options and most camera settings. Notice that option panels are selected by clicking on the buttons to the left of the MOW. The control panels located to the right of the window can be floated and independently positioned. The MOW can be resized by grabbing and resizing from any side or corner.



Floating Panels

The individual control panels can be floated off the the main panel by clicking down on their title bar and moving them. They can also be floated by clicking the "Float" selection under the triangle. Finally, Panels can also be docked and floated by double clicking on the title bar at the top of the panel. The size of the panels can be resized when floating by grabbing them at their lower right corner and dragging to resize.


Hiding Panels

Panels can also be hidden from the Main Options Window by either selected hid from the selection triangle, or by selected the panel from the list using the selector at the top of the panel list. As shown below, panels that are checked are visible. You can uncheck panels that you want to hide, or use the Hide All and Show All selections. Finally, all panels can be docked by selecting Dock All.



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