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About the CameraRC Deluxe User Interface

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The CameraRC Deluxe User Interface provides quick and each access to all the camera controls and program features required to capture images and movies with your camera remotely from the computer. The major UI components of CameraRC Deluxe are:


Camera Control Panel (CCP)

The Camera Control Panel (CCP) is the where a majority of the interaction takes place when when capturing images. The CCP is always visible and has a number of tabs where commonly used controls are located.


Control Finder

To make it easier to find your way around CameraRC Deluxe, a unique Control Finder Capability is provided. You can type in any word associated with a control and the control finder will locate possible controls and take you to their location.


Styles & Scaling

CameraRC Deluxe has a number Interface Styles that you can chose, and the user interface can also be scaled to better fit your screen size or provide better readability.


Main Options Window (MOW)

The Main Options Window (MOW) is where can can make many changes to the program options and additional camera settings.


Thumbnails Windows

The Thumbnails Window is where thumbnails of each capture image resides for selection and to perform operations on the images.


Image Viewer Window

The Image Viewer Window lets you see enlarge images and take action on individual image by right clicking on the image.


Live View Windows

The Live View Window is visible when live view is enabled and provides additional settings using the right mouse button and the composition aids.


Light Table

The Light Table is used to compare captured images.


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