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Connecting the Camera

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To use CameraRC  connect the camera using a USB cable or wireless connection to the computer. With some older Nikon cameras you need to make sure the camera is set to MTP/PTP USB Mode; the USB mode is found camera's Setup Menu.


You can start CameraRC Deluxe either before or after the camera is connected and turned on. If CameraRC is already started it will wait for a camera to be connected and will automatically discover and connect to the camera. You will see and indication of the camera controls being loaded when the camera is connected and the program will display the camera model at the top of the Camera Control Panel Window. If the camera does not connect to the program, please see our Troubleshooting Section for more assistance.


Wireless Connections


CameraRC Deluxe supports wireless connection to cameras using professional adapters WT-5A, WT-6A, and etc. These are used typically used with the higher end Nikon cameras like the D300, D4, D7200, D500, and other models. Not supported are lower end adapters like the WU-1b or the internal wireless capabilities of cameras like the D5300 and D750. Check the Nikon web site to determine if a camera is supported by one of the professional adapters.


When connecting using a wireless connection some Nikon Models might not automatically be discovered and connect. If this issue is encountered, select the Test Connect option from the File Menu; this will present a list of camera models - select the model being connected from the list to make the wireless connection.


NOTE: If you have a large number of images on the cameras memory card(s) it can take a very long time for the program to initialize. This is an issue with the Nikon Libraries and not CameraRC Deluxe - We recommend using a cleared memory card when first starting the program for optimum performance.


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