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Image Send To

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Image Send To is used to send images directly to another program from CameraRC Deluxe. The program could be an image editing program, digital asset management (DAM) program, or any program that accepts JPG/RAW image input.


To use Send Image To it is first necessary to configure the programs that will be used for the operation. On the Thumbnails Window select Configure Send To from the Edit menu; this will open the configure dialog show to the right.


Add programs to the list of Send To Programs by clicking on the Add button; this  opens a program selection Window that can be used to select an application. Once the application is selected you can name it as desired for display purposes.


To edit a program name or program path click on the item to edit and press the Edit button. If a program is no longer desired in the list select the item and click the Delete button.


You can change the order the programs appear in the list using the Up and Down buttons.


A default program is always selected for use in sending captures automatically to a program on capture. To change the default program select a program from the list and click the Set Default button.


When capturing both JPG and Raw images, you can elect to send the Raw image instead of the JPG to the program by selecting the Send NEF (Raw) Image if available. If this is not checked the JPG image is sent when both are available.


CameraRC Deluxe can be configured to automatically send any image immediately on capture to the default program. Check the Always Send captured image to Default program to always have the images sent to the default.


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