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Hold Aperture Open in Live View

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Check this option to have the Aperture remain fully open while in Live View. This option only is active when the camera is in Manual or Aperture Preferred Exposure Mode. This option is used with newer Nikon models that stop down the aperture in live view and make the live view image difficult to see at small aperture settings.


The correct exposure should first be set with the option turned off (not checked) as the exposure meter can be inaccurate in Manual Exposure Mode, and in Aperture Preferred Exposure Mode will reflect the shutter speed that would be set when the aperture is fully open. Once you have the exposure set as desired, then set the option to open the aperture.


The Program will automatically set the aperture back to the selected shooting aperture when an image is captured even when the option is enabled.


When using the Hold Aperture Open feature you should not have the Live View Exposure Preview set at the same time; doing so can cause the Live View Display to become overly bright.


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