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Updating the Program

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The program update process is very similar whether you are updating in Windows or Mac. The help menu on the Camera Control Panel has two items related to updating the program.


The Check for Updates selection checks if there is an update available for the program, and if there is presents a dialog of options.

The Update Options provide options for when to check for updates automatically and where to save the  updates.


Program Updating on Windows


On Windows the program update process is fully automated. Depending on the interval set in the Update Options, the program will regularly check for updates. Alternatively updates can be manually checked for by click clicking on the Check for Updates selection. 


Once the update is downloaded, you will have the option to proceed with the installation or cancel the install. Once the install is started it will automatically close the program during the install.


Program Updating on Mac


On Mac the update process in nearly identical except that once the download is completed you will need to close the program and manually start the package installer. As part of the download process you will receive information on where the package has been downloaded.


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