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Welcome to CameraRC Deluxe for Nikon Cameras

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Welcome to CameraRC Deluxe and congratulations on selecting the premier tethering software for Nikon Cameras


CameraRC Deluxe comes in a Standard Edition and Professional Edition. To compare the major differences between the Editions can be seen in the Editions Comparison Chart.


CameraRC lets you easily control a Nikon camera from your computer and provides remote access to the controls you need when composing and shooting. You will find that CameraRC Deluxe can fit into most any work-flow. It has a versatile file naming capability and can send captured images directly to your image editing software; this allows you to shoot, review, edit, and print while on a photo assignment. The programs composition aids make it easy to create the precise images needed in product and art photography.  


CameraRC Deluxe supports both Native Windows and Mac1 operating systems. Most all controls an settings are the same for both operating systems. The major differences are that the Main Menus for the program on a Mac are located on the Macs menu bar, and help for the Mac uses a web based help system while Windows uses the standard Windows HTML based system. The installation and update processes are also different between the two operating systems.


CameraRC Deluxe has many great features to help your get the most out of tethered photography including:


Extended Bracket shooting.

Saving of current camera settings to computer for later restore to the camera.

Interval Timer shooting while connected to the computer.

Creating a focus stack for use with software that increases depth of field.

Composition Aids to help at composing your images.

Archive Save image flow.

Image Comparison Light Table.

Voice Commands for Live View and shooting.


As you use CameraRC Deluxe and think you see a need for a new feature don't hesitate to contact us. Many of the program features were developed in response to photographers like you - just send an email to support.


1 See Release Notes for information on supported Mac Versions.


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