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Interval Shooting Mode

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Interval Shooting Mode Basics

There are 4 Interval Modes available with CameraRC: Start Stop Time, Set Time Length, Number of shots, and Schedules. Depending on the mode selected the information displayed below the Create Schedules button will change. In all interval modes you must set a Shot Interval that determines the time between shots. The minimum recommended shot interval is 5 seconds. Setting intervals of less than 5 seconds can lead to missed images as it can take up to 5 seconds to focus and download images. Shot intervals can be set in Hours, Minutes, and seconds.




Once a shot interval is established then the specifics of the Interval Mode selected are set - How to configure each of the Interval Modes is explained in more detail below. Finally, once the interval method is configured, press the Start Interval button to initiate the interval operation. Note that you can cancel the interval at anytime by pressing the Stop Interval button (Replaces the Start Interval button while in interval mode).


Note that when shooting intervals you should ensure that the Save Image On Capture is enabled; this will ensure that the image queue does not fill and cause the program to stop capturing while waiting for user input.


Start/Stop Time

In this mode the Start Date, Start Time, Stop Date, and Stop Time for the interval are entered. Images will be shot beginning at the interval Start Date/Time and ending at the Interval Stop Date/Time. Images will be shot at each Shot Interval.


Interval Length

For the Interval Length mode the length of time during which images should be captured is configured. Specify the number of Days, Hours, and Minutes for the Interval.  When the Start Interval button is pressed the interval will begin and continue until the interval expires.


Number of Shots

The number of shots to be taken is set as the Shot Count. When the interval is started shots will be taken at each Shot Interval for the specified number of shots.


Weekly Schedules

Weekly Schedule mode permits configuring a weekly schedule of intervals and the interval length to be used for each of the scheduled intervals. Schedules are created by pressing the Create Schedules button on the Interval Tab. When pressed the Interval Scheduler dialog box is presented as shown.



Creating a Schedule Interval

An Interval Schedule is created by Selected the Days Of Week for the schedule, entering a Start, End Time, and Shot Interval for the scheduled interval. A scheduled interval can also be set to active or inactive depending on the state of the Active check box. Once the interval is configured, press the Add button to save the interval. Once saved the interval will appear on the list at the right of scheduled intervals.


Editing a Schedule Interval

To edit a Schedule Interval first select the interval by clicking on it on the list to the right. Once changes to the configuration are made, press the Update button to save the changes.


Deleting a Schedule Interval

To delete an interval first select the interval by clicking on it on the list to the right. Then press the Delete button to remove the interval. 


Saving the Schedules

To Save the schedules that have been entered press the Done button at the bottom of the dialog; this will save the changes that were made to the schedule. Schedules are saved to a file on the disk so that they are remembered when the program is stopped. Also note that any changes made to the schedule go into effect immediately- thus a schedule can be changed when the Interval is currently running and the changes will effect the current interval if applicable. If the Cancel button is pressed any changes made to the schedules will not be saved. 


Interval Shooting with Brackets


Intervals can be shot with brackets only when the Bracket Mode Control is set to Standard Bracketing. You also need to enable Single Shot Bracketing to have the bracket set shot at each interval. Before starting the bracket measure the time it takes for a bracket sequence to be captured and saved and ensure that the Bracket Interval Length is greater that the time for the capture and save of the images.


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