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Setting Picture Controls

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The Picture Controls panel is used with Nikon cameras that support picture controls. You can modify not only the standard picture controls, but also create new custom picture controls.


To create a new custom picture control press the New button on the Picture Controls tab and follow the wizard. Once you have created you new picture control you can select it and adjust its settings.


To rename a custom picture control select the picture control and enter the desired name in the Custom Rename field then press the Rename button.


You can save the currently selected custom picture control to disk or other storage on your computer by using the Save button. Saving custom picture controls allows you to later reload and use your picture controls without having to remember or re-enter their values. You reload the custom picture control using the Load button and assigning to a custom picture control.


NOTE: The Picture Controls panel is not used for the D40, D40X, D60, D80, or D200; for those cameras that do not support picture controls you will see a Shooting Options panel to set the basic shooting options for the jpg image.




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