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Setting White Balance

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The White Balance panel (shown to the right) allows you to adjust the white balance used and to change the name of an existing White Balance preset. You select the white balance to use by using the White Balance control. Based on the white balance selected other controls on the tab will be activated for you to further adjust the white balance. 


On later Nikon camera models a White Balance Adjuster is displayed on center of the panel. You can pick the amount of white balance adjustment to use with this control by selecting a point with the mouse and also by using the cursor keys to move up/down or right/left once focus is on the control.


At the bottom of the panel you can select a white balance preset and enter a new name for the preset using the text entry box to the right of the Rename button. Once a new name has been entered press the Rename button to rename the  preset.


The While Balance Preset Wizard button is used to start a wizard that can be used to set the white balance presets. The wizard will guide you through setting the white balance preset and provide instructions.


Notice that on older style Nikons the White Balance adjustments are more limited and you will see a White Balance tab with fewer settings as show below.



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