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Help and Support

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General Help

The program provides this help file, plus additional hint information for each control that is shown when the mouse hovers over the a control. Notice that not all cameras use all of the controls that appear in the documentation; we have tried to provide a note with each control that is not supported by all cameras on which cameras are supported.


Throughout the program the F1 key is used to invoke context sensitive help on specific topics.


CameraRC also has a unique Control Finder operation to locate any control quickly and easily. To use this option press the <Ctrl>F keys at the same time.


You can look for help on our Forum.


Show Me How

CameraRC Deluxe has a unique Show Me How capability that provides guided instructions for setting up many of the camera operations using the program. Just go to Help on the Control Panel Windows and select Show Me How.



CameraRC includes a logging function that can be used to record the actions of the program when reporting a problem. The logging can be enabled on the Help Tab of the General Panel. You can find more information on logging in the Appendix B.


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