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Appendix I: Uninstalling CameraRC Deluxe

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Windows Uninstall


To uninstall CameraRC Deluxe on a Windows System use the following steps:


1.Locate the CameraRC Deluxe program in the the Programs and Features setting from the Windows Control Panel. Right Click on CameraRC Deluxe Program in the list and select the Change option.

2.The CameraRC Deluxe Installer should start, Click Next and then select the Remove option.

3.During the removal you will be asked if you want to remove saved settings - click yes to remove all program settings and registry entries from the computer.


Mac Uninstall


To uninstall CameraRC Deluxe on a Mac System use the following steps:


1.Automatic Removal

Download CRCD_Remove.scpt from the CameraRC Deluxe web site.

Run the CRCD_Remove.scpt script to remove all elements of the program from the computer.

3.Manual Removal

Move the directory j-prosoftware located in your home directory to trash.

Navigate to the Application directory and move the application to the trash.

Move the directory /Library/Application Support/J-ProSoftware or /Library/Application Support/JProSoftware to the trash.



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