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White Balance Preset Wizard

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The white balance preset wizard is used to set the white balance preset(s) on the camera. Depending on the camera model there could be a single preset or as many as 6 presets that can be set. In the image below is the first step in setting a white balance preset where multiple presets are available. This step is only visible on Nikon models that offer more than one preset.



In the second step, also only used with camera models that have multiple presets, A description or name for the White Balance preset can be entered. The description must be 36 characters or less and only those characters allowed by the camera can be used - see your Nikon users guide for information on valid characters.



The final step is used by all camera and triggers setting the White Balance preset. You should place a white or neutral gray object that is illuminated by the same light that will be used in the taking of the final photographs. See the Preset Manual section in your camera's User's Manual for more information on setting the White Balance preset.



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