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Camera Control Panel

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The Camera Control Panel (CCP) provide access to the primary controls used for capturing images and movies. The CCP is fixed in size. Notice that the Camera Controls section can be collapsed


The Major Sections of the CCP are:


Menu Items

Quick Selectors

Capture Controls

Exposure Controls

Camera Control Item Tabs

Status Information

Panel Expander

LCD Panel




Menu Items

he available selections for each menu are as follows:


File Menu

Save Image - Saves the currently selected thumbnail image

Save Image As - Saves the currently selected thumbnail image using a save dialog.

Save All Images - Save all images that have not yet been saved.

Save All Images As - Saves all images that have not been saved using a save dialog.

Save Settings - Saves the program settings using the current Save Settings options.

Load Settings - Loads the programs settings.

Shooting Bank - Selects a shooting bank on cameras supporting this feature.

Custom Bank - Selects a custom bank on cameras supporting this feature.

Connect Camera - Initiates a camera connect operation - should not normally be needed as camera automatically scans for a camera.

Test Connect - Use this option to initiate connection to a camera that connected with a wireless adapter or when a camera is not automatically detected.

Exit - Exits the program.


View Menu

Main Options Window - Displays or hides the Main Options Window.

Thumbnails - Displays or hides the Thumbnails Window.

Images Viewer - Displays or hides the Image Viewer Window.

Image Properties - Displays or hides the Image Properties Window.

Histogram - Displays or hides the Image Histogram Window.

Interface Style - Provides a selection of interface styles available for the program interface.

Reset User Interface - Resets the User Interface Windows back to their default style, scale, and locations.


Help Menu

CameraRC Deluxe Help - Displays this help file.

Show Me How - Displays the Show Me How guided directions.

Video Tutorials - Opens the Video Tutorials web page.

CameraRC Deluxe Home Page - Opens the CameraRC Deluxe Home web page.

Check for Updates - Checks if there is an update available on line for the program - requires Internet connection.

Update Options - Sets options for automatically checking for updates.

Licensing - Provides Access to licensing capabilities. See the Licensing help for more information on each item.

Report Bug - Shuts down program and zips appropriate log file - Opens email for bug reporting.

About CameraRC Deluxe - Displays the About Box.


Quick Selectors

Quick Selectors are buttons provided for the Main Options Window, Thumbnails Window, and Image Viewer Widow. Click to display or hide the item.


Capture Controls

On the left side of the panel are controls used to capture images, start live view, record movies, and initiate Autofocus. You can find out more about these operation by reading the Getting Started section.


Exposure Controls

The exposure controls provide quick access to the camera controls used most frequently when adjusting image exposure. Most of the controls are sliders that you adjust by using the mouse - when a control is selected, the left and right arrows can also be used to make adjustments.


Camera Control Item Tabs

There are a number of tabs on the Camera Control Panel that allow adjusted and viewing many of the controls for the camera. Only the tabs that are applicable for the camera that is connected will be displayed. Notice that some controls like HDR Mode and White Balance are displayed in bold and that if you place the mouse over these controls you will get the hand pointer icon -  this indicates that if you click on the item it will open the appropriate panel from the Main Options Window for adjusting that setting.


Status Information

In the Status Information area, brief messages on the state of the program are displayed as well as the current battery level. Warning messages are displayed in and alert you to a potential issue. Other messages just convey the current state, for example when a camera is connected, when live view is started, and etc.


Panel Expander

Use to expand or collapse the lower half of the CCP.


LCD Panel

The LCD panel contains the following information about the current state of the Camera.

1.Exposure Mode

2.Interval Mode - when engaged

3.Shutter Speed


5.Bracket Mode

6.ISO Sensitivity Indicator

7.Lens Information

8.White Balance

9.Image Quality

10.Image Size

11.Metering Mode

12.Current Lens Focal Length

13.HDR Mode

14.Exposure Compensation Indicator

15.Exposure Indicator

16.Autofocus Mode


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