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Bracketing Mode

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Select the mode for bracket shooting. For more information see the Bracketing section.


Extended Bracketing allows using extended exposure bracketing on all cameras to + and - 5 EV with up to 31 bracket shots. When shooting an extended bracket the operation can be canceled by setting the Bracketing Mode to None.


Standard bracketing uses the bracketing capabilities built into the camera and is further described below:


If Auto Bracketing Set is to "White Balance" and Image Quality is set to RAW or RAW + JPEG then bracketing cannot be enabled.


If bracketing is enabled and EV Steps Exposure Control is changed then bracketing will be turned off if the Auto Bracketing Set is NOT "White Balance" or "ADL" Bracketing. Re-enable to continue bracket shooting.


Bracketing is disabled in Scene Modes or when Exposure Mode is U1 or U2 and the type of user mode exposure is other than Program, Shutter, Aperture, or Manual exposure.


When bracketing is enabled and Exposure mode is set to Manual then the Shutter Speed and/or Aperture may not be changeable depending on camera model.


Standard Bracketing is NOT supported on the D200, D40, D40X, D60, or D80.


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