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Appendix F: Troubleshooting Connection issues

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If CameraRC Deluxe does not detect or connect to your camera please follow the below troubleshooting steps.


1. First Check the following:

Is your camera model supported?

Is the Camera connected via the USB cable to the computer?

Is the USB mode for the camera set to MTP/PTP ? (See camera Setup Menu - not present on newer cameras)

Is the Camera turned on?

Is the battery charged?

If the camera you are connecting is a D40, D40X, D60, D80, or D2000 and your operating system is Windows 7 or later then CameraRC Deluxe must be run in Vista service pack 2 compatibility mode. To set compatibility mode do the following:

          Right click on the CameraRC Deluxe Icon on the desktop and select “Properties”.

Select the Compatibility tab.

Check the “Run this program in compatibility mode for:”

Select “Windows Vista (Service Pack 2)” from the list.

Click “OK”

2.If there are a large number of images on the cameras memory card then it can appear to not be connecting. Try again with an empty memory card.

3.Turn off the Camera, Shut down the system and then power it back up. Please ensure that you fully power the system off particularly if the problem is with a Windows laptop/netbook. Some Windows computers also offer a Quick Start with Windows 8 and later - this keeps the Nikon drivers from properly unloading at shutdown so please disable this capability prior to the restart. Once fully restarted then turn on the camera.

4.Make sure the Camera is connected directly to the computer USB port through a cable that is 5 Meters (15 feet) or less in length. If connecting a camera that supports USB 3.0 speeds (i.e., D800, D810, etc) then do any testing using only the original cable provided with the camera with no extension.

5.Except for the keyboard and mouse disconnect any other USB devices. Storage cards and other devices have been shown to interfere with camera tethering.

6.Try using a different USB port for the connection.

7.When installed on Windows there are services that sometimes get improperly set. The two services that need to be checked are "Shell Hardware Detection" and "Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)". These both need to be set to Automatic and Started. You can check these by first starting the program "Services.msc". Find the above named programs and double click them. Make sure both are set to a "Startup Type" of "Automatic" and that both are "Started". A tutorial if you need one can be found here.  You should reboot after setting the services correctly.

8.If your computer has a USB 2.0 port then use that port. There have been issues with the USB 3.0 on some Windows computers.

9.Turn off the suspend on your USB ports – looks like this can also lead to some strange issues: ( ... title.aspx)

10.Try uninstall CameraRC. When uninstall is complete you should reboot the system and then you can reinstall and see if that resolves the problem.

11.Downloading a trial copy of Nikon Camera Control Pro 2 from the Nikon Web site. If the Nikon software does not see the camera then the problem is with the computer or Operating System. 

12.If the problem persists please contact us at the support email and provide the following information:

What is your operating system and version?

What Nikon camera Model are you using?

What is the Make and Model of the computer you are using?


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