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Comparing Images (Light Table)

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The Professional Edition of CameraRC Deluxe include a light table that can be used to Compare 2-4 images. The overall Light Table is below.




Using the Light Table

To use the Light Table the images to be compared are selected from the Thumbnail display - From 1 to 10 images can be selected for comparison. Once the images are selected, Right Click on any of the images and select Compare Images from the drop down menu.




General Light Table Operations

Once the Compare operation is selected the Light Table is displayed. While the Light Table is open the other camera control operations are disabled and the Light Table must be closed to use the camera control. Along the top of the light table are the many controls that can be used to control the general light table operation and along the bottom of each Light Table image is a toolbar that interact with the image; more information about these controls is found under the Main Light Table Controls topic.


A Light Table image is selected by clicking on the image. At the bottom of the light table is a comparison list that shows the images chosen for comparison. The currently selected image will be highlighted as shown below. An image can be selected from the comparison list to be displayed as the currently selected image on the light table - if the image is already displayed then it will become the selected image. To apply or clear the check mark for all images click on the Mark All or Unmark All button.


You can zoom in on images using any of the zoom controls, or using the mouse wheel over a selected image. When zooming all images being compared will zoom together if the zoom lock is set.


You can pan images by left clicking on an image and moving the mouse. When panning all images being compared will pan together if the pan lock is set.


Their are a number of menus on the light table page that can be used to operate on images being displayed. You can find out more about these at the Light Table Menus topic.


The comparison list can be hidden by clicking on the words Comparison List at the top of the windows - if the list is hidden clicking on the Comparison List text again will make the images visible.




Main Light Table Controls

The following are the main Light Table control items - Shown in the parenthesis beside the item is the Hot Key that can be used to execute the command:

Add Files - Used to select additional files for comparison from the system storage.

Compare (1-4) - Selects the number of images to display.

Delete Image (Delete) - Deletes the image from the disk drive.

Help - Displays this help.

Histogram (H) - Display/Hide the histogram.

Histogram Display - Displays the histogram for the image located above the display. Clicking on the small arrow to the right of the button drops down a menu of histogram colors to display.

Mark - Applies/removes a mark from the image.

Next Image (Page Down) - when enabled selects the next undisplayed image of the Comparison Images.

Pan Lock (L) - Locks the pan operation between the light table images.

Properties (P) - Enables or hides the display of the image properties for the light table images.

Properties Display - Displays the image properties for the image located above the properties.

Property Settings (S) - Opens the Image Properties Settings.

Previous Image (Page Up) - when enabled selects the previous undisplayed image of the Comparison Images.

Remove Image - Remove the image from the light table display.

Zoom In (+) - Zooms in on the images.

Zoom Out (-) - Zooms out on the images.

Zoom % - Displays the current zoom ratio, can also be used to set the zoom Level.

Zoom Select - Select a zoom operation from the Zoom Menu.



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