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Movie Recording

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Movie Recording Basics

CameraRC allows movie live view display and recording for Nikon DSLRs that have movie recording. The Movie tab and Movie Options Panel are used to set the various movie options and to control capture of movies. 



In order to capture movies the camera must have live view turned ON.  Additionally, newer models the Live View Selector must be set to Live View Movie Mode; see the Live View section for more information on setting up live view.


The Auto Live View Start and Auto Live View Stop check boxes are used to automatically start and stop live view when starting and stopping movie recording. The Auto Live View Stop can be particularly handy as it can save on battery when movies are being downloaded following capture.


The Start/Stop Video button is to the right of the LV button; pressing this button is used to both start and stop Movie recording. You can tell when movie recording is in progress as there will be a blinking recording indication on the top left of the live view display and the remaining recording time is displayed on the top right of the live view display. The outside of the Start/Stop Video button will also glow red.



Saving Movies

It is important to note that the movie recording is not downloaded to the computer while it is being recorded. Instead downloading must be done upon completion of the recording. The movie recording is always captured to the memory card in the camera, and for those cameras with multiple card slots to the destination specified by the Movie Rec Destination. When the movie capture is stopped, the movie is made available to the tethering software for download. CameraRC can at this point either automatically download the movie if the Auto Save Movie option is checked, or you can manually initiate the download and save to the desired location using the Save Movie button. 



The automatic download of the movie recording takes place immediately upon stopping the movie recording. While movie download is in progress no other operations on the camera are allowed. The download will be done to the location and file name specified in the Movie Save Details section. The movie will be saved as a .mov file and will have an incremental number appended to the file name based on the Video Sequence Length and Video Sequence Start settings. 


To manually download a movie, the Save Movie button is pressed; this button is only enabled when there is a movie available for download in the download queue. When Save Movie is pressed a Save Dialog will be presented from which you can enter the movie name and select the path at which to save the movie.


If after stopping recording you do not save the movie to the computer and instead start another movie or capture an image then the last captured movie will be removed from the download queue. It will NOT be lost, but will instead be maintained on the memory card in the camera and can be downloaded using standard Nikon or File System download software.


Movie Recording Options 

The various settings available when recording movies can be found on the Movie Options Panel on the MOW. When movie recording is in progress most of these controls are disabled; the exception is the Movie Exposure Comp that is available on the D4, D800, and D600 cameras. These controls all correspond to their counterparts on the actual camera and it is recommended your review the movie options in your Nikon User Manual.


Movie Focusing 

The AF-S setting of Live View Focus Mode can only be used while recording is not enabled; thus for AF-S focus you should focus while in Live View but before recording is started using the Auto Focus button. AF-F mode can be used while video recording.  When in Live View you can used Face-Priority AF, Wide-Area AF or Normal-Area AF Live View Focus Point; Subject-tracking AF is not available and will be automatically switched to Wide-Area AF when Live View is enabled.  


Controls Disabled

Certain functions of Live View are disabled when Movie Recording is in progress. The Focus In, Focus Out, Live View Zoom Rate capabilities are all disabled by the camera as part of Movie Recording. Also many of the camera settings are disabled when in live view or while movie recording. To change disabled controls you must first exit movie recording and live view.


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