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Saving Camera Settings

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CameraRC Deluxe can save settings for the camera and program to a file and later load them back into the camera; this allows creating sets of camera settings for specific assignments that can be quickly reinstated. The Save Settings operations are located on the Save Options tab of the General Options panel. The settings that are saved can only be used with the same model of camera for which they were saved.  


When the Save Settings button is pressed a file save dialog is started and you can specify the name of the file to which the savings will be saved. As part of the settings you can save the current programs settings that are independent of the camera.


With cameras that support multiple shooting and custom banks (e.g., Nikon D3/D4, D300, D800, etc.) the Save Shooting Banks and Save Custom Banks checkboxes allow optional saving of the bank settings; this would be used if you only wanted the current bank settings saved. When the checkboxes are not selected then only the currently selected bank settings are saved.


Similarly, some Nikon cameras allow entering information for Non-CPU lenses. When the Save Non-CPU Lens Info control is checked then all Non-CPU lens information will be saved. When not checked only the current selected Non-CPU lens inform is saved.


To restore the settings click on Load Settings; this will start a load dialog from which you can select the settings file to be loaded to the camera.


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